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Default Eric Valentine

Yesterday I was at the Steve Lukather (yes, that's the guitarist from Toto) concert in Switzerland and I was very curious how his drummer, Eric Valentine, would perform.

Now let me tell you one thing first: the gig was absolutely fantastic!!! 3 hours of great rock music performed by great musicians. It was a blast.

Eric Valentine, who's homepage is a bit out of date:, was outstanding. his performance was subtle, energetic, powerful and stirring at the same time. I was blown away by it, so was my nephew (he's a drummer as well - family ties).

I believe he played a double bass Yamaha set consisting of 5 times (it could have been 6, hard to identify from my angle), 2 snares and Zildjian K's.

I discovered that he has a solo CD out, Jazz Impressions, which I will get myself.

If the pictures I took are okay (sorry, just didn't have the time to look at it so far), I will post some here.
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