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Elemental Nausea
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real name? - Sebastian Seitz
age? - 18 (born octobre 30th 1986)
how long been playing? - 6 1/2 years
origin of user name? - song title of doom metal band called "mourning beloveth"
top 5 drummers? - marco minnemann, dave weckel, corey grady, danny carey and lord marco(gg)
make of drumkit? - Yamaha
make of cymbal? - Paiste and 1 Zildjian China
where do you practice? - in my or let`s say our bandroom in the basement of my house
are you in a band/s? - yes; "Schwarze Schönheit" former "Zerfall"
covers or originals? - only originals
what style of music? - my band is prog. gothic/black metal, listen mainly to metal but also other stuff
favourite take out food? - Doener Kebap
country? - Germany
one really odd fact about yourself? - complete drum nerd
how did you start drumming? - In primary school I was always walking around telling people I would play the drums, because I thought it was cool to play drums and that it gives you a good reputation...some time later in "gymnasium" I eventually decided to take up the drum sticks for real