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Default Re: Any Tucson Arizona people?

Originally Posted by hawk9290 View Post
Not quite Tuscon, but I'll be moving to Tempe as of August 15th.
I'll try not to run into your bird in my cessna when i'm out flying around though ;)

AK to AZ? Did you request that switch?
No not really. I used to be in communications where you could pretty much go to any base in the world. Well not too long ago the AF cut back on 40,000 people in order to buy more f-22's. One way they used to cut back on people was to get jobs that where overmanned. When people in those jobs came up to re-enlist they where either forced to get out or change into a job that was needing more people. Being that I got caught up in that force shaping I decided to become an aerial gunner. When I got seleceted for the job I was put into pavehawk helo's which in the active duty are at very few bases. Las Vegas, Tucson, Moody AFB Georgia, Japan, and England are the only choices for bases that I could get stationed at. It just so happened that DM AFB needed a gunner at the time so I got stationed here.
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