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Hey, Everyone

Just a heads up, for those of you interested in my P4 Signature Practice Pad, you can now order it thru Cascio Interstate Music ! It's the world's First Multi - Level Practice Pad.

Here's the link:

Each surface has a different rubber for unique feels and sounds. The levels help develop hand independence and creativity. It measures 11X11, it fits in a standard snare basket, and it's Made in USA.

The bottom level is a specially designed rubber that feels very natural, not too bouncy. The middle level has a harder neoprene rubber, plus a softer, grey rubber for less bounce, similar to a floor tom. The top level has a hard red rubber, similar to the feel of a ride cymbal. The base is a light weight mdf material, which is lighter than the HQ or Vic pads. It has a real "old school" look, with a modern twist.

Work your ride, high hat, or cascara pattern on the top pad, and use the lower levels to practice various snare and tom orchestrations. Or for an extra workout, use the soft pad for less rebound. Playing singles from the top level to the bottom level is real workout.

It's versatile, practical, and makes practice FUN ! You'll dig the different sounds each pad produces, and it's like playing a mini drum set.

Thanks very much for your interest. Shipping is worldwide.
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