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THERE IS JUSTICE IN THE WORLD!! I"m so glad to see everyone responding positively, i'm sure people either love him or have never heard him play. He's one of the few drummers who I listen to and can't even begin to figure out what he's doing. Learning the groove fro "Limb by Limb" was my first real study in independence. "NICU" is another classic with a drum part that no one else would've come up with. "David Bowie" has got to be Fishman at his most mid boggling. Everything about him is great, his musicianship and his attitude being the hallmarks. His jamming ability and the crazy things he comes up with on the fly when the whole band is in outerspace are my favorite things about him. All of the Live Phish releases have absolutely incredible sound too, speficially the 1994 Sugarbush Summerstage shows. So glad to see this post!!!!
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