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Default Re: Neil Peart

thanks for the compliments. The reason I like this forum is because people make good reasonable arguments instead of the usual "your stupid" or "he sucks" statments like they do on other forums. As much as I am for free speech it is nice to have a good well thought out disagreement.

So thanks to you guys (Dogbreath, Bernhard and the other moderators) for the keeping the forums clean and forcing people to think about what they want to say before they post it.

And for those of you who says someone sucks, think about it WE ALL DID at some point or another. And if you are talking about professional drummers then at least they are getting paid to travel the world, playing in the best venues, with the best musicians, and with the best FREE equipment to SUCK! While we sit here discussing them wishing we were in that situation


Thanks again guys!
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