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Originally Posted by UberDeepName View Post
I wonder how many of these visitors of his thread are FANS. I would be willing to bet most visitors to his thread, like myself, are just shocked that he is even mentioned. It's just sad that there are so many talented drummers out there, discovered and not, that smoke this guy. I just get sick of seeing his face everywhere on magazines, on Reality TV (whatever that means). He's famous because of BLINK 182. I mean GET REAL. He's not worth mentioning on a Drummers forum of this caliber. It's insulting to true artist everywhere. Boo this man. boooooo!!!

P.S. Berhard, you totally look like Steve Gadd. It's crazy.
Well, see I disagree. You can't fault the guy for having a press corps who deliver for him. Instead of complaining about his exposure, I think the better question that benefits the rest of us is how we can get onboard his well organized publicity machine.

Getting your name out is how you stay in the game. None of that has anything to do with ability, and of course music comes first. But good marketing has to be on the list. I would bet that half of this publicity is stuff Barker doesn't even know about. His name rec is currently on automatic pilot.
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