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Originally Posted by ledzepjb View Post
You shoudlve maybe read up a lil before posting that last bit. Although i'm not a travis barker fan,quite the opposite, but ive still read up on him and it appears that his first teacher that he had for several years was a jazz player,and that he started off as a jazz drummer. So im sure he can still play that style quite well.
Travis Barker Urban Legend #6
He started his career as a jazz musician, and has a degree in jazz.
Fact:Travis Barker played one year in his high school jazz band. He has no practical jazz experience.

Travis Barker Urban Legend #17
He marched for the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps.
Fact:Travis Barker marched sophmore year for his high school marching band. He was going to attempt a tryout for a local corps, but took a small road gig instead before he had the chance.

Travis Barker Urban Legend #4
He is arrogant.
Fact:People in the field actually say he's a very nice guy. WFD has had a brief encounters with him several times in the past, and he was always the nicest guy in the room. He sometimes acts out because he lives his life in a public bubble where all his actions are observed and evaluated. How would you react under those circumstances?

Travis Barker Urban Legend #22
He is a publicity hog.
Fact:Barker employed one of the most aggressive press corps on Earth. They exaggerate his actions and his past to the point of legend. That's why all these urban legends exist.

Interestingly enough, Jordison also has the services of a press agent, and not surprisingly his year in high school marching band has turned into a full blown DCI career.

You know guys, you can look this stuff up on your own. It's all out there.
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