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I agree with Ledzepjb: Travis is a good drummer and definitely has some trained, solid chops. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn that he had good teachers growing up.

That said, I do think he is very overrated as a rock/punk drummer, and bands like Blink 182 are a complete joke and not taken seriously by any serious student or fan of punk and hardcore music. I've said this before a couple of times on this forum already, but just go listen to Anthony "Bomer" Manzullo of RKL (Rich Kids on LSD), a massively influential hardcore/rock band from California in the early-to-late 1980s: Bomer's chops are stunning, his timing is incredible, he can do it all. I think people who praise Travis Barker and similar current punk drummers do have reason to do so--they are decent drummers--but I think that such folks also have poor historical knowledge and memory of the punk genre. Drummers like Earl Hudson of Bad Brains, Bomer, Brian Betzger of Boston's Jerry's Kids (early 1980s hardcore band), just to name a few, laid the foundations for super fast hardcore punk drumming, and each of these drummers could easily hold his own with, if not out perform, Travis and company.

So, that's my honest assessment of this issue, as someone who has been listening to and studying punk and hardcore music since the mid 1980s. Yes, Travis is good, but if you know your history, you will realize that he is nothing special at all.
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