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Default Re: the bealtes or korn

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I think a lot of younger people may not have the understanding of just how earth shattering The Beatles were. Ringo did more for Ludwig drums than Max Roach, Buddy Rich, Lou Bellson and Ed Shaunessy combined and probably times 10.

By the way. When was Purdie ever that slim? He's lookin' svelt.

Ringo did more for Ludwig than Buddy?

Mitch Mitchells, Buddy Rich, and John Bonham did the most for Ludwig. Then shortly followed by Ringo Alex Van Halen and many others.

But, that's just an opinion.

Originally Posted by burnthehero View Post
What exactly did they copy from them? The Beatles were fun and original. Korn's music, if it could be called that, is paint-by-numbers angsty mainstream garbage. If anything, they've gone out of their way to not copy them.
Hey hey hey. Don't bash Korn. As much as you don't like them, it doesn't have to be shown that way.

I could say right now The Beatles are garbage. And how would you react to that? Same way a Korn fan would if you said Korn's music isn't music and is paint-by-numbers angsty mainstream garbage. It's music and people like it. No need to bash other bands because you don't like them.
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