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Originally Posted by darknessdude16 View Post
I know its not really meant for this thread but im digging what karens doing at/around 8:57 in this link, sorry for being stupid but what is she doing, if anyone can be bothered to write out what shes doing or does anyone know of a video that i can watch to learn what shes doing in and around 8:57, many thanks, i love this video, a legend, for more reasons than one x
That lick is a quad. Three with the hand followed by the bass drum: LRLF or RLRF

Practic like this (left hand lead): L on small tom, R on large tom, then L again on small tom followed by F (bass drum).

Start off playing this slowly and play the frst L on the quarter note:


You can also play this without the bass drum LRLR or RLRL. Practice both
Start off slow and practice getting this up to speed as fast as you want. You'll get alot of mileage out of this lick. Incorporate the snare into the lick as well as the hi hat. The sky is the limit with this. Hav fun!
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