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Default Re: Post Your Music Folder

Originally Posted by rhydianjlewis View Post
Why do you think that just because people store music on their computers or MP3 players, they only listen to it on shuffle? Almost all my music is on my PC but i almost never use shuffle, except maybe to find an album i wish to listen to.
I didn't mean to imply that everybody who listens to music on their computer uses shuffle: I put all of my music on my computer, whether I buy it online or as a CD and rarely use shuffle as well. I just mean that along with digital music and buying single songs, shuffle seems to be one of the most common ways to listen to music lately.

Unfortunately, even though I much prefer CDs and miss holding the case and the lyrics and the art in my hand, I have realized that it just makes much more economical sense to buy online. I do that for most bands, but for my favorites I still buy only CDs and just have to deal with the cost. I wish it was practical to buy only CDs.

Of course my iPod has a place, for listening when mobile there's no way CDs can compare.
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