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Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
But keep in mind, ACDC fans are also the ones who will claim Angus Young is the greatest guitar player in the world. I love ACDC fans, because they are passionate about their band, but they aren't realistic about reality sometimes either.
I'm the biggest AC/DC fan you'll ever meet, and I know very well that all their songs are about the same stuff, and that Angus' solos are all based on the same few licks and that Phil plays the same beat on every song and that Cliff's basslines are straight 16ths most of the time, and you know what? I still love them.

And while I love AC/DC and similar bands, I'm also the kind of guy that listens and appreciates a lot of highly technical and progressive music. As weird as it may seem, I manage to like several styles of playing.
But AC/DC, they are freaking rock 'n' roll, it needs a straight beat and an even bassline, that's just how it goes! Try sticking a lot of ghost notes on the snare and intricate hi-hat patterns in there, and it will suck, period. The way rock like AC/DC is played is the way Phil does it, and he's damn good at it.

Anyway, proof that not anyone that knows how to play a 4/4 beat can play AC/DC the right way is Chris Slade, who while being a great drummer, dind't seem to cut it the same way as Phil. Go figure.
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