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Default Re: Why aren't you practising right now??

Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
You're a UK drummer dood..we never had rhythmic thought...and ya don't get Big Jons sexy snog for that answer either...
Aye, but I could always tie you down to the drum throne and beat you with my jumbo drumsticks ;-)

Right now Im not practicing cos my house burned down, taking my family, pets, and beloved possesions with it, but the drums survived - BUT then a giant piano fell out of the sky, and totaly pwned my kit - BUT i still had the djembe, untill a chav came along and mugged me of it at knife point.
BUT - I still have a cowbell, but all of a sudden some yorkshireman came up and beat me half to death, and took the cowbell, and strapped it his prize cow daisy.

And, then all my sticks and practice pads expoled in the great "practice pad bombings of 2008"

Now - thats why im not practicing right now.
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Im back (unofficialy) with Pro.Mark Drumsticks. (TX5ABW)
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