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Default Re: Why aren't you practising right now??

Originally Posted by aruration View Post
I am at work right now..

But john we aren't YOU practising right now ?? ;p
Because I'm too damn idle bro LMBFAO!! I actually sit at my computer and try to maintain steady 16ths with my feet on the floor....ends up with my right foot doing uneven 14ths and very slow semibreve triplets with my left....anyhoos I ASKED FIRST!!
Good answers guys, we all wanna be Jojo is a huge tapestry and drums maybe a big part for all of us, but there are still other things....that woman thats always around my house, whats her name...??? Oh thats it.... MY WIFE and those smaller people who eat all the food...and use the damn phone...and the dawgs....
'I Wanna Be The Man With The 50lb Hammer'
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