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Default Re: DrummerWorld Video Problems

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
Why do you propose all this alternatives - why is Quicktimeplayer not the first choice for you?

Do these other players also play the movies in the browserwindow as they should?

I just want to keep things's meant for us drummers....
The short answer: QT Lite IS original Quicktime, but only the browser plug-in. No difference in the browser from Quicktime Player, all clips are working fine. So the installation is simpler than whole Quicktime Player. ;)

I distinguish between playing in the browser and from local drive. The a-b-c suggestions were for playing from local drive (didn't know what was the problem, so I gave some solutions for both). The free Quicktime Player still has a lack of features. But ok, it has fullscreen view now.. wow, after thousands of years... ;)
If I play a video from hard disk I want to have at least two things: To skip back and forward with the mouse wheel und to set the volume with my back and forward mouse buttons. This works very fine with MediaPlayer Classic, in VLC not so good, in Quicktime Player no chance to set those things.

You ask me what I do in two month? Hey, at the moment I don't know what I do next week... ;) But I think we'll meet in the Frankenland.

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