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Default Re: Show Off Your Tama.....SNARE DRUMS!!!

Originally Posted by Philippe View Post
yeah, tolgapala, I like that finish better than the one on my artwood (Titanium something), but I could buy it for a good price...
actually that is not my snare drum's actual finish. i don't have a close-up look but as you can see mine is slightly different than the ones you can find in the market. probably because it is made in china. but has a killer tone definitely. the lugs are longer, and it doesn't have this new series embossed tama logo. just the metal plate with a tama logo and a serial number on. mine could be an older version. it's a 7 ply maple shell with delicate popping sound the way i like it. i love to have the head a little overtuned or overtensed to have the cracking-funky sound i like.

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