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Default Re: Brooks Wackerman

Originally Posted by RémiPDP/Sabian View Post
I think he is one of the most versatile punk rock drummer in the world with Travis Barker and Josh Freese. I saw him live during the warped tour 2007 and during one of the break of "Generator" he played a kind of jazz groove. Just... so... cool!

Dont forget Derek Grant of Alkaline Trio...he gets very little recognition it seems, but he's amazing drummer too...he's more a groove drummer instead of flash, but dude is awesome.

Re Brooks and BR? I love that band and Brooks is WAY better than any drummer they have had. Finestone, Shayer and the first guy (forget his name) were just your average fast punk drummers...kick/snare/kick kick/snare stuff with lots of fast tom rolls...Brooks brings a real intellelect to the kit.

And check out the lead in to the chorus of "New Dark Ages"...I believe he is doing that tom roll on a floor tom, but I don't see how he does it. I can do that from a rack tom with the snare right next to the tom, but it's seemingly impossible to do that move on a floor tom that's on your right. If someone knows what the heck is going on in that song let me know. :)
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