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Default Re: Lars Ulrich

I am unique in that...

I LOVE Lars Ulrich and I LOVE Metallica

while at the same time

I HATE Lars Ulrich and I HATE Metallica

Since the 'black album' that band has been a total joke. They have not improved as writers or musicians and seemingly run out of ideas a long time ago.

For people who say Lars was not a good drummer, I do scoff at that. Go listen to his playing on "Ride the Lightening" (and the subsequent tour where I happened to catch a gig) and then go listen to his playing on "...And Justice For All" (and that subsequent tour where I happened to catch multiple gigs).

In short, kid improved by leaps and bounds. That's what a "good drummer' does, he gets better, he maximizes his talent. Lars propelled such complicated songs like Blackened, The Shortest Straw with technical proficiency.

He may not 'be better' than (fill in drum god of your choice), but to say he was not a good drummer is just absurd. Lars WAS a good drummer and WAS becomming a VERY GOOD or dare I say great drummer, not just because of what he could do behind the kit, but because of his ability to create unique drumming within the later Metallica albums (before the Load stuff).

That ALL SAID, Lars is now a bum to me. His playing has not gotten any better and in fact has gotten worse. They have used studio tricks and weird production techniques to deliver what I consider bad heavy metal. Metallica were either doing cover albums, alternative albums, or just bad albums since the Load days. It has affected them as musicians and esepically Lars who now sounds WORSE as a dummer than he did on Metallica's infamous "No Life Til Leather" Demo. It's a sad SAD commentary for someone like me (and others) who championed Metallica back in the day and celebrated in glee when they got the spot on Ozzy's tour in 1986 thinking "our way of life has made it to the arenas".

I weep for lost glory, Lars and metallica...trend setters, pioneers, metal gods, brilliant band they were are now a pathetic joke.
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