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Originally Posted by Fresh_Dinosaur View Post
Has anyone had the chance to check out "Indian Rhythms for Drum Set" by Pete Lockett?
Yes. I just bought the book and have started going through it. It is very detailed (135 pages) and icludes a CD. Pete breaks down everything inclding phonetic pronounciation, groupings, time signatures, time shifts etc.. with plenty of transcriptions. The CD includes examples as well as play alongs. I'm not far enough into the book yet to give a proper review but i am enjoying it so far. I have been waiting for something like this for a longtime. In fact, I asked Steve Smith (at his last clinic i attended back in April) about books on Konnakol. He said he didn't know of any out currently. I wonder if he was keeping Pete's book hush hush until the release? LOL

Get the book, it's a big study.
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