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Default Re: Necrophagist time sig. help...

Well there's your problem-- you're asking a guitarist about signatures!

Fermented Offal Discharge sounds like 4/4 to me with some weird phrasing in some parts, and maybe some bars of 3/4. Then again it also sounds like a pig dying to me. Stabwound sounds like a mix 4/4 and 3/4. Seven is oh so suprisingly in 7/4 at the beginning, but I didn't bother figuring out the rest of the song. Only Ash Remaining sounds like a different time signature almost every bar at the beginning, but there's definitely a pattern. Even though there are some bands that really do change time signatures almost every bar in some songs, there's always a pattern.

By the way, this is on-topic. I can make it off-topic though. New thread premise: Boxers or briefs? You decide.
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