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Default Re: Post Your Music Folder

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Please don't hate me. Amy Winehouse was a free download. Poor girl has a good band and a good sound but is on the wrong end of a crack pipe.
I friend gave me a data disk a few years ago with all of the Beatles albums on it. Each album shows up as one song in iTunes, but is all of the tunes from that album.
They look like this.
Don't worry, no hate here. I could care less about what an artist decides to put up their nose, I'm just not terribly fond of her music. That's pretty cool about that Beatles CD, I suppose it's closer to listening to the original records. I always shuffle my iTunes and the only time I listen to albums in their entirety is the first time I listen to them.

Here's my list of artists. Mac > PC

PS Gruntersdad, I actually have you listed on there from when I downloaded a sound clip of your kit from drummerworld! lol.
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