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Default Re: Strange looking set up.

Originally Posted by oops View Post
That's stunning.

Makes me long for the days when I fly out to foreign lands and eat real food... None of this Australian fast-food hypocrisy...
Oh wait. I'm flying out tommorow! YAY.
Something about seeing the food cooked right in front of you. Heck, being able to feel the heat from the gas flame of the actual fire that's making your food. It's awesome.
Yeah..Agree. Often it's real "home cooking" on demand. Love it.
One of travels many pleasures.

Well cooked & hot is pretty safe but depending where you are freshwater fish can be troublesome because of polluted rivers. Another old trick of leaving an old, dry water melon, full of pinholes in river water for a day or two, you buy it, say how juicy it is (you wont see the holes-they close) & then spend a week in bed. Alone.
Enjoy :-))
"And he plays drums."
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