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Default Re: Gilberto Moreaux

Just came from the big windup concerts for our local international jazz festival and i'll say yet again in no uncertain terms the greatest drummer on the planet but unknown to many i've ever heard and had the pleasure of listening to is Gilberto Moreaux.

It's been one year since I first met this fine Cuban drummer now living in Canada and he has taken it up a few notches since that time I first heard him play believe me. The closest thing to Tony Williams on latin drum kit i've ever heard PERIOD on the world stage. The trio concert he played tonight had moments of truly iincredible displays of his deep concept covering elements of afro cuban with funk and modern jazz drumming all rolled into one with his fresh sounding incredible ideas and immediate sense of high level improvisation and listening going on. Possibly the most thrilling thing on drums i've heard since I can't remember when yet again being no big surprise to me.

Gilberto you ARE the man!

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