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Default Re: Slowest Metal Ever

Originally Posted by crdirtdider856 View Post
OK , so what are you saying? < I > will not deliberately put something out with a long strand of AAAA's and BLAAAAH's without at least an explanation of what I feel is wrong with what I am posting "my opinion" on. I respect your taste, just not your reply...seems like a typical youtube-type comment. Its cool though, I guess.....DRUM ON!
the blaaaahhhs were the best textual representation of the noises coming from my speakers...

What's wrong with what I am posting "my opinion" on, is exactly what I said it was, the long rediculous stacked octaves that i assume is supposed to be the melody. I hard;y think that anything I typed would qualify as a typical youtube comment, as you put it. but like you said, it's all about the drums in the end. (which that video had none of. sorry had to sneak that in there ha)
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