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Default Re: Slowest Metal Ever

Not heard the band and I can't watch the vid at work, but as far as doom metal bands go, no-one has mentioned Candlemass. I really like their stuff, especially songs like Sorcerer's Pledge & Through The Infinite Halls Of Death. Besides that, I can't say I've really gotten into other doom metal bands.

On the vocal side of things though, it is, as has been said, each to their own. Personally I like a good bit of Grindcore. It's more the whole feel of thin thing rather than what the songs are trying to say (and to be honest, half the lyrics are nonsense anyway, but who cares - it's fun)

I always remember an interview with Napalm Death back when Lee Dorian was the 'singer' and he openly admitted to just making grunting sounds as they played too fast for him to put any words in! I used to show that video to all my mates like "look at this - how silly is that?" and it ended up growing on me.
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