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Default Better than John Densmore?

OK, so I have had this ongoing argument with a friend. It basically revolves around the Doors and their drummer. I SAY- "he was an integral part in the writing/recording/live performances that made the band into the legacy that they are today.HE SAYS- "if they had a better drummer, they would have put out better songs and maybe gone on a little longer"
Yeah I know, I have had this similar debate with said person involving Ringo. Either way, IMO Jim Morrison *was a lil overrated* but still an extremely talented and proficient(sic) songwriter and performer, BUT without the the style and certain "finesse" John played with.I dont think the Doors would be "The Doors" Basically,I want to know if I am alone in my thinking that even though he might not have been the "best" drummer at the time, he was certainly the most suited for the gig he was doing. Help me settle this argument please. IF not just to be right but also to show that its not all about "chops" and/or speed but that it is all about what is played for what's required.
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