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Default Re: Slowest Metal Ever

Originally Posted by burnthehero View Post
Those guys must be really depressed.
They might be, or they might not be. Personally I dont find this music deppresing at all. I wont say its the best example of doom rock, but its not the worst. To be honest, one of my favorite bands is Opeth, they have incredibly deppresing and foreboding lyrics, but their music has a way of lifting my soul, on the other hand-my all-time favorite band Porcupine Tree, has incredibly relevant lyrics but still doesn t exactly "lift my spirit". I guess music is the one thing left in this world that gives the listener the choice, and discretion, to take it for what it means to the individual listening. Oh yeah, I love Tool so much that I cant even listen to them anymore, too much self-destruction and confusion there. Right now I cant subject myself to 'em. But I still love their music!
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