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Wow, thanks so much, man, it means alot, and I'm SO glad it's helped you. I think the flow of the mechanics is really a natural thing, and not too complicated, but with all the talk about "Moeller this" and Moeller that", drummers forget that Moeller was a MAN, not a TECHNIQUE, and he was just telling people to play relaxed and use natural rebound..

Another analogy I use is...You can't really tell somebody how to walk..Meaning.."OK, turn your ankle now, then, roll your foot, now, bend your knees"...It happens naturally because of physics and gravity, and the way things are connected...!

Also, the groove stuff has been my thing since I was a kid, and I just always listened to records, and played from my heart. Can't really describe it, but again, it comes out because of the music I listened to.

Thank you for your kind words
Pat Petrillo
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