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Default Re: Drummerworld Social Groups

Originally Posted by Ironcobra View Post
This is a great idea, but we can't just make a group for every brand, we must keep things creative. Maybe, "Mike Portnoy is not overrated"
There doesn't have to be, but it makes best use of the social group function. Say there are 75 people that are in the Ludwig group, and they all submitted photos. So there are 75+ pics of Ludwig goodness all in one place and not spread out through the Your Gear section, and you can comment on the photos.

But then there are the groups to represent interests of a the particular user. So if you like Mike Portnoy alot, you'd be in your social group with a bunch of others, and when people see your groups, they see that your a member and it creates networks of similar types of drummers.

Then there might be a jazz social group, where it has a collective bunch of all the jazz cats on these forums. You can post messages on the group page, questions, or just talk about jazz drummers or musicians. Or submit various related photos

So yes, it is not only for drums, I'm just saying at the moment, thats what it works best for. I hope the whole thing attracts enough attention where all these kinds of groups and networks are formed.

I think its just crazy enough to bring everyone together better and form an impressive community, proving to all other sites just how fly this one is.

It sounds kind of cheesy, I know, but if taken full advantage of though, we can have a cool thing going on here.
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