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Default Drummerworld Social Groups


Social Groups for drumming related issues are welcome. Social Groups that are jokes, incite dissention on the forum, or violate the posted rules are not welcome. Those who use the Social Groups for these purposes will be invited to find a more appropriate Internet forum in which to participate.

************************************************** ***************************************

The other day, I just found out we could leave visitor messages, and that you can have albums viewable in your profile. Well, I have decided to start taking advantage of these extra features, instead of collecting dust.

Today, I noticed, hey, we can form DW social groups. I am not sure what all you can do with this feature, and there is only one group currently available called the Ringo and Steve Gadd fan club made by Bernhard as a test.

I think I'll take a leap and make the second actual social group.

On what, I don't know. Maybe a DW jazz group, I know that makes up a good part of members here that could join, or maybe a Ludwig club that has a collaboration of every Ludwig set owner on the forum with pictures of their respective kits. And the same could go for other companies, and not so common brands can be grouped to larger general ideas like Custom drum sets (GMS, Unix, Orange County, any of those fancy schmancy ones), maybe there is a better title for that though.

Thoughts? Interest at all?

Edit: I have decided to a make Ludwig group, if you own a Ludwig drum set or snare, try joining it and submitting photos to the gallery and maybe we can end up with a large gallery of every Ludwig owners Ludwig drums in one place easy to view place. Adding photos is kind of weird, first you have to upload your pictures you want in the gallery to an album in your profile, then copy the URL and use it to upload it into the group's gallery.

Any other brand name owners I encourage to attempt to make one as well. Maybe someone could start a cymbal one, Bosphorus would be a good idea or istanbul.

Also drummer groups would be good as well, Buddy Rich or whoever floats your boat, and other boats as well.

Maybe a metal drummers group, or another genre.

A drum builders group

Anything! Try it out.


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