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JP's right here, gang.
In fact...there's an interview somewhere online of a Mr. Legarde interviewing Luke (four or five days after Jeff's memorial service) and Luke said that they wanted simon to rip it up.
Which is what he's done for 16 years. To make it his own thing. They did NOT want someone to come in sounding like Jeffrey....because nobody but Jeff could sound like Jeff.

ps: AMAZING slideshow of Simon up on the front page. Was this put together from one clinic or several? There's some great angles on the Phillips.


Originally Posted by JPDrum View Post
He did not play it like Jeff becasue that is what the guys in Toto wanted. They wanted him to stay true to the music but play it his style, not Jeff's. This is what was told to me firsthand from Toto's tour Martin Cole. We had a very long discussion after a Toto show a couple of years ago.


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