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Default Re: Show off your TAMA !

I'm not good with indoor photography, so forgive the picture quality.

These are my Tama Superstars in Brushed Metallic Black. The "metallic" is micro-fine rather than retro chunky glitter. These photos don't show it well, but there is a ghost-tint that fades from copper to violet depending on how the light hits it.

22" x 18" bass drum
10" x 8" rack tom
12" x 9" rack tom
14" x 11" rack tom
16" x 16" floor tom
14" x 5.5" wood snare drum
Roc-n-Soc Nitro throne
Iron Cobra Jr. double pedal
Paiste PST-5s:
14" rock hats
16" rock crash
20" rock ride
10" splash
Aquarian SK II bass batter
EC2 over G1 all toms

I might pick up a second, thinner crash in the future, but the kit is essentially finished.

Sometimes I visit her at night just to stare.
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