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Default Re: My Tama Starclassic Performer

Originally Posted by Drummer Karl View Post
Wow, very nice!
Did you put on your Emperor?...this looks like a Emperor X or Controlled Sound.

However, very nice free floater! How do you like its sound?

PS: Nice choice with that 18" A Custom as well. Played one once, loved its sweet crash sound!!

you remember :o! indeed I put on my coated emperor X. I didn't even know it was a free floater... just loved the way it looked, went to check it out, and knew I had to have this one!
it's over a ten years old, but still in very decent state. had to change the snares and a couple of screws though, but hey, who cares, love it

Originally Posted by youenjoy00myself View Post
Nice new additions! How are you tuning the snare? Good sound? Those lugs look totally sick.
I have it tuned pretty thight on the bottom head and a little bit more loose on the top. gives me a very loud, open sound, really great to play live. it has a little too much overtones, but that's really the only negative thing about it in my opinion, and hey, no snare is perfect. besides, it doesn't bother me live anyway, and for recordings i muffled it a bit. the lugs are killers indeed :)

Originally Posted by bojangleman View Post
wow...that looks great!...i love the sizes you have on it...that is what i would have if i could get it..

thanks! if it makes you feel better, I had to do vacation work for 2 years to be able to pay it, but it's a great thing to work for isn't it? my next update will probably be a cowbell and/or a second crash. with a new vacation comming up and all... hehe

thx for the replies guys
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