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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

I've just got back to drumming after a 37-year break, during which, almost whenever I've heard music, I've used my fingers to tap on tables, tin lids, car roofs, windows... the list goes on forever. I'm pleasantly surprised how quickly it is all coming back, and how the 37 years' practice has improved me. Anyway, to the point...

One thing I have picked up straightaway is the Buddy Rich stick trick, so it seems it cannot be the mark of a genius if someone as rusty as I am can do it.. I'm doing single-stroke only so far, but I'm gaining confidence that it'll be just the start.

The key was to think of ways round my initial difficulties, rather than just keep banging away. I found it impossible with the right stick travelling down onto the left one. Then I decided change to left-stick-downwards and I got it straightaway - in both traditional and matched grips. Hopefully, I will be able to do it right-stick-downwards when I really get the feel for what I'm doing.

Now I want to become a competent music-reading player. No doubt that'll take me a bit longer.

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