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I'm not certain of all of the pariculars in this case, but I will offer what litle experience I have. First, you will need to have access to all the right tools. A good putty knife will help you gat the old wrap off of the drum. Also, Tama used to use what I call a keyed split aluminum grommet on the vent hole. You will need to remove this grommet. I used a flat blade screw driver to remove mine, but there is potential to mar and scuff the inside of the shell; I warned you! You will neeed to prepare the shell for refinishing and this may mean filling in a lap joint (this is an intetionally sunk part which Tama used to make the seam on a wrapped drum fit more flushly against the outside. There is an excellent article ina back issue of modern Drummer on the refinishing process. It was written by the guy at DW who does all of the painted drums. I will try to find out more on this as time allows. If you know of someone who has the MD archive, you may even be able to research it there. As far as bass drum spurs, if you wanthe factory Tama spurs, contact Dale's Drum shop in Harrisburg PA. They are a dealer of Tama replacement parts and thier number is 877-704-5682. If you need anything else from me, feel free to contact me at

Best of luck!
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