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i know he isnt the most technical, creative, fastest or anything like that, but i do have to say that he does have a differnt sound from most of the other drummers circulating on mtv and some radio stuff. they all sound the damn same. He does have pretty fast hands if you listen to his solos. and he does good bass drum doubles and not to mention his marching band chops. i dont knw if anyone has seen it but he can do one handed rolls. i saw him do it on the craig kilborn show when he preformed with boxcar. and i saw him do it on an australian show a butt load of times during "i miss you". he does seem to be able to adapt well to different styes. i think he did a really good job on box car racer it really showed the other side of his drumming. he pulled some cool beats, fills and outros and interludes. and i think if he played with better musians then those 4/4 punk rockers( no offense to any punkers) that he could really dish out some cool things. Cause when you play with better musians then you can play better. in my opinion.
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