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Default Re: "America's Got Talent" Not Kind to Drummer.

Originally Posted by Jon Cable View Post
Chip Ritter was on Letterman, but he had to juggle stix too!! Awesome performance Chip!
MOST folks wouldnt know a great drummer if it bit them...they all think Ringo is a great drummer [sorry Bernhard] but even Gadd would get booed off a mainstream talent show....ppl dont understand...Buddy managed to 'crossover' and be an entertainer but most drummers aint gonna achieve this [I recorded 'WipeOut' and sold a few thousand units, but Bozzio plays it with his feet and has sold none!] The 'general public' has no concept of either drumming talent or any other kinda talent...just look at the clowns who win these shows...
very true man....but then again this guy was just running around whacking at his kit and stuff, chocking the guys with smoke and stuff
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