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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I was never really into Drums. I never thought of being a drummer. I really wanted to learn Gitaur, but I quit that. I thought it was too tricky. So anyhow, one day I went to my friends house and was banging on his drums. My dad came down later and did a big drum beat,
and I was impressed. I liked drums ever since that day I suppose.

Anyhow, at our chruch we needed a drummer so my dad went searching for a kit. I didn't come with him once while he searched until one night. We went and looked at this niceley used Yamaha Stage custome kite. I LOVED it. So we bought it. That was almost 2 Years ago and I love play. The reason I love to play is because music is life and Drums are addictive.

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