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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

I wasn't influenced by the music that I used to be serious...what good music at the age of 10 we expect to hear?
When I started percussion,after two weeks I wanned to play drums...I started percussion in the 5th grade(after 4 years of piano)...and there was a student in the 12 grade(the last year of high school) and I liked so much the stile that boy was plaing...the moves,the sound..everything(but of course he was a little bit crazy :)) ) day he camed to me and (by force) set me for the first time in my life on a drum set...and in 2 days I was plain' my first rithm(wich even today there are very well known bands with drummers that can't play that rithm :D )
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