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I mostly lurch around here but I have to agree that Jerry is a very skilled and very tasteful player. I've been listening to the old King's X CDs quite a bit recently and it has really struck me how much Jerry influenced my playing without me ever really being conscious of it!
I mean, not only do I love the way he holds down a groove so well, but the way he uses the kick in all the right places always makes me think 'that's the way I would have done that part'. But I know it is just that he has influenced my playing very subtly. Or maybe it is just something in the water here in Houston!

By the way, the new CD 'XV' kicks ass! Best new material in about 12 years IMHO...

For anyone reading this who is not familiar with King's X, here is lesson #1 in how to rock the f@#$ out live:
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