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Default Re: The type of sellers to avoid on eBay - in regards to buying drum gear...

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
And the inverse is true also. I stay away from buyers who ask too many stupid questions and want me to jump thru too many hoops for them. There's a breed of buyer out there that you just get a "vibe" from..
OH yes, you're absolutely right - and there are more of them than there are "bad sellers" - which is exactly why the new feedback modifications are crap.

The last drum kit I sold I had listed as a BIN w/ Best Offer and one guy was about to pull the trigger and pay full price....except...he sent me a very long list of demands. He obviously thought he was doing me a huge favor. He wanted the drums packed a very specific way, in separate boxes, shipped a very specific way. His final demand was that I buy all new pinstripes and outfit the whole kit for him to "sweeten the deal". I was actually scared of having a customer like this, so I disallowed him to bid or buy. The gentleman who did end up buying the kit didn't ask a single question - he pulled the trigger, got the kit in 4 days, and left glowing feedback. This is how it's done, folks!
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