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Default Re: The type of sellers to avoid on eBay - in regards to buying drum gear...

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
It was at least partially tongue-in-cheek...but I'm somewhat serious too. Those are some general rules I've started following as you could end up blowing a lot of coin on something that definitely was NOT as-advertised.....

On the flip side, there are occasions when you can nab something good for the right price from someone who doesn't know entirely what they have. This is sometimes a risk worth taking.
Sounds like you had a very bad experience there. Personally, I don't have the really big coin, so I don't drop the really big coin, unless I know exactly what I'm getting. The difference between a 3 ply shell and a 6 ply shell can and should be seen in a photo. I'm not going to splash $1500 for a $700 kit. The "and communicate well" is the key to your story. If I contact a seller and he can't/won't clarify an issue, deal off. I can, have, and will, walk noob sellers thru basic schooling as to the item they have on auction. Most are glad for the extra info. Some actually post additional info. as they get it. You obviously, as "old schoolers" would say, learned "the hard way". Some of the best lessons in life can only be learned that way. Yeah, I've taken a few "hits on the chin", so to speak.
Originally Posted by Muckster View Post
I tend to stay away from any sellars that:

1. Do not respond to questions.

3. ... and cannot provide extra photos.
And the inverse is true also. I stay away from buyers who ask too many stupid questions and want me to jump thru too many hoops for them. There's a breed of buyer out there that you just get a "vibe" from. And if I feel a cat is not gonna be happy with something I have for sale, I simply tell them "not to bid". As a seller, you can see how many people are "watching" an auction. When I have 4 or 5 serious "potential" buyers, I have no time to waste on a "chucklehead". I even have the sentence "sorry, we won't be able to do business" pasted on my computer tower.
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