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I glad to see that someone put a thread on here for Scott Phillips. He was one of the main drummers I learned from when I was starting. I remember playing along with pretty much all the Creed songs (even the B-sides), and trying to transcribe some of his stuff. I agree with the other posters here - his playing with Alter Bridge has definitely gotten a lot better (even though I think it was already really good). The same goes for Mark Tremonti, in case you guys haven't noticed. Both of these guys - wow. I don't know what they did between Creed and Alter Bridge, but I think that as musicians they are easily a step ahead of the rest of the pack in the alt./rock world. I, too, have been waiting to see a Drummerworld page for Scott Phillips.

One more thing, I got to see Alter Bridge in concert close to where I live, and they play tight and with plenty of energy, especially Phillips. I've got to give credit to their singer, Myles Kennedy, too, for actually being a really good singer. I see well-known acts on TV all the time in which the singers can't sing in tune or really sound like they're struggling, and it kind of ruins it for me to realize they don't really sound like they do on the radio. However, I think Kennedy is the real deal as far as singers go.
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