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Default Re: The type of sellers to avoid on eBay - in regards to buying drum gear...

I wouldn't be adverse to clicking on a BIN of an auction like this...

My father recently moved out and left behind this kit. It has round metals on the outside that say "greetch". Sizes are 19.5" base druum, 13.5" tome drum, 15.5 standing drum, 15.5" by 5.5" short drum (it makes a terrible buzzing sound when you play it). Comes with a bunch of dirty old symbols that say "K Constantinopole". It's all in good condition, but kinda dusty. I don't know much about droms, so I'll set the BIN at $100. Is that too much? I'll throw in shipping for free. Happy bidding and thanks for looking!

...yeah, that'll be the day my finger breaks the speed of sound to click the mouse
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