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This tattoo has been a vision of mine for the past 11 years. I have always wanted to capture my love for drumming and music in the form of a tattoo. For years I went back and forth with the idea of using my own hands and or drums in the portrait. Then after reading Neil Pearts wife Carrie Nuttall's portrait book that captures Neil in many beautiful photographs I found the perfect picture. I have a quote that I created and have used on the name of one of my personal drumming albums: "Rhythm In The Hands Of Few". I thought that it would also be a perfect description for this portrait tattoo which includes Neil Pearts hands. I would like to thank Neil Peart for all the years of inspiration he has given to me. Someday, Neil, if you are ever near my Howland, Ohio home, we will have to take a motorcycle ride together! I would also like to thank Carrie Nuttall for the great portrait art she has created. Thanks for looking.
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" Rhythm In The Hands Of Few" Billy Twinem
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