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Default Re: Who'd wanna be a Mod?

I would make a real bad moderator. They may not even pass this note I am going to write. I can't spell so the hacks would jump all over me for that and wish me to hell. Then when they start having a pissing contest about who is a better drummer, what brands are better, mine is bigger, I can read music , I don't need to read music and on and on and on. I would get banned for telling them their b@!!$ have not dropped yet and grow up already. And all the mean people who nit pick at what people say and get down right rude arrogant towards others and call them names while they are swearing at them. I am a very patient person and I give the mods a lot of credit for turning the other cheek ( that is pretty dangerous around here when some people get on a tangent) and putting a lock on a subject and deleting gossipy garbage. Most of the people here are pretty darn great. It would be a very puny experience for me to be a mod but not suitable for the range of ages on here and would lack some all due respect with my naughty dry humor.
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