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Originally Posted by DrummerDad View Post
I read all the titles and found nothing on him so here goes.

I love his technique. I used to listen to all the "normal" stuff till I heard him. And it seems all I want to listen to is Dream Theater now. I have played for awhile, and most drummers have certain niches, or habits. Once you figure out what they are doing you can play it. I usually can play a song the 2nd or 3rd time I hear it, But his stuff takes weeks, months on some of it, just to figure out the numbers behind what he is doing.What drives me crazy is most people( non-players) look at me like Im crazy when I start to try to explain what he is doing. They are like, man he screwed that up, and Im like, No he just dropped a beat, He'll pick it up in a minute.His drumming has texture, all the normal stuff is boring now. Can anyone tell me of a comparable band, with all the technicality of DT?What do you guys think of Mike? Sorry if this is a repost.
i'd say a band comparable to dream theater would be between the buried and me. they're a progressive type metal band that sounds similar to DT in many ways. one big difference though is that BTBAM vocalist tommy rogers does both screaming vocals and clean vocals. they have songs up to almost 15 minutes long and their drummer, blake richardson, is very creative and has great technique and stamina.

here is a video split into two parts of him playing a song off their latest release "colors."

part one:

part two:

anyone else on here listen to between the buried and me?
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