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Well, there is some arguing over some of these guys whether they are funk musicians or just funk influenced...


''Shake Your Pants''
"Don't Be So Cool"
"Be Yourself"

Curtis Mayfield:


Larry Graham:

''Release Yourself''

James Brown:

''Funky Drummer''
''Cold Sweat''
''Sex Machine''
''I Got The Feelin' ''

Ohio Players:

''Funky Worm''


''Fantastic Voyage''

Kool & the Gang:

''Hollywood Swinging''


''Let's Work''
''777-9311'' (Morris Day)


"I Can Make You Dance"

Rick James

''Cold Blooded''
''Give It To Me Baby''

Sly And The Family Stone:

''Thank You''
''Dance To The Music''

These are just few of my favourite funk songs, but they are worth checking out!
I'll add more later.
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