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Hi there,

i always thought of Mike Portnoy as a kickass drummer. That was until i started drumming.
I can understand why many people idolize him, since he IS actually very good and plays in a band that bases its reputaton on instrumental prowess. Hoever, his musical ideas are, at least imho, very limited - especially regarding his drumming: there's a few signature licks he always uses, but those have been the same since they started. Also i feel that he lacks ability to play laid back "pop" oriented beats, like in his beatles project.What i like about his playing though is that he has absolutely amazing time when it comes to DT's music. Rock solid and machinelike sometimes. Plus, his kit (regardless of its size, wich i find pretty ridiculous) sounds awesome.

So generally he's a very good drummer with a major impact on music and drummers, and a pretty nice guy too.

just my two cents....
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